Seal coating will provide a layer of protection against water, oils, and U.V. damage. Seal coating provides a chemical resistant deep black finish that beautifies and enhances the asphalt. It is a key component to any parking lot maintenance program. Seal coating does just what the name implies, sealing the top coat of asphalt pavement.

Protect, Preserve and Beautify Your Asphalt Driveway and Parking Lot


Keeps asphalt looking new.
Extends the life of the pavement and reduces the need for high repair costs.
Blocks the damaging and drying effects of the sun.
Prevents water and freeze thaw cycle.
Provides a smooth surface for cleaning.
Increases the value of your home and/or business property.

Asphalt is highly susceptible to the sun, water, ice / snow, and traffic. Deterioration to your asphalt begins as soon as it is installed and progresses quickly as time goes on. Watch for the color to turn from a rich black color to a gray after just a few months. By seal coating, we are providing a flexible, stable compound to act as a barrier for asphalt surfaces from the damaging effects of weather.